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download instasize

To Download InstaSize is very easy, you can gain easy free access to this app by downloading it into your personal devices for easy use and accessibility! This app is like having an easier-to-use pocket sized photoshop. Unfortunately this app is not available on computers (windows, mac) but it is available on every app market available, the Apple Store, Google Play, Android Market etc. Even though the application has yet to be designed to be used on a computer, we have created a tutorial that allows you to use Instasize on your computer, simply click on this link if you would like to see it. INSTASIZE DOWNLOAD FOR COMPUTER

In order to download InstaSize using your device, follow these simple steps.

If you are using an Android / Windows phone/tablet :

  • Open Google Play on your personal device. It is recommendable that before installing any application the individual checks to see if there is any update available for your device, by having your device up to date errors/bugs/crashes can be avoided.
  • Once you have opened your Google Play, go ahead and search for “Instasize”. You can also just Click on this link Download Instasize app and it will be automatically directed to the applications site on Google Play.
  • Click / tap on  “INSTALL”
  • Click “OPEN” after the application has successfully been downloaded and installed on your device
  • Your application will open and you will be all set to enjoy your application !

Download InstaSize: If you are using an Apple phone/tablet:

  • Go to the Apple Store. Please make sure your device is up to date by checking if there are any available updates on Settings-> Software update because this way you will avoid any error/bugs/crashes, also ensure your billing information is up to date and accurate because if the payment for an app is unable to be processed
  • Search for “INSTASIZE” and click on the first option. You can also click on the following link Download InstaSize app and you will be redirected to the application site on the iTunes Apple Store                                          
  • Click / tap on “INSTALL”
  • Click “OPEN” once the application has been successfully downloaded and installed in your device
  • Enjoy !


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