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InstaSize PC is a complete photograph editing app that works like any professional program like Photoshop. This application allows you to edit the photographs you take with your cellphone or any other personal device, it is very easy to use and it gives your photos a very professional and amazing look. Instasize’ interface allows you not only to select the pictures directly from your device, but to be able to create, and edit videos as well. The professional finish is given to your pictures by a series of options that are offered to you, the variety ranges from filters, borders, brushes, and others that are constantly being updated for FREE! to ensure you obtain the most out of your application. In addition, to being available for cellphones ( of all brands), iPod’s, iPads, and any other tablet, this application can also be conveniently used on your computer with the instructions that will be provided in this article. I suggest you to look for your device, read the instructions & enjoy the Instasize PC App!

Let’s be honest and admit that after we purchased our precious smartphone we barely use it to make phone calls only, checking emails, paying bills, purchasing things, checking your security system, taking pictures, etc are only a few of the things that we are able to do on our devices. Nowadays, simple point-shoot cameras are being quickly replaced by the high definition pictures that can be shot using your everyday use device, and also it is just more convenient to be able to have all the things in one place than to have to carry the camera, transfer the photos and email them to everyone. Also, with the booming of social media we want to be able to share our photos with our friends and family quickly and efficiently, not only that but to share amazing-looking photos. There is no doubt that we all have a little bit of a professional photographer inside of us and we love to share when our pictures come out great! well now every picture can be amazing with Instasize. Not only is the app free and easy to use but it offers a wide variety of features that others lack, giving you the ultimate professional editing app at your fingertips.

Now, even though it is the easiest to shoot and share photographs on your device, sometimes editing can not be so handy. Even though Instasize is not available to download for computers we have found a way for you to enjoy this service and this is through an emulator called Bluestacks, this emulator will allow the user to run any applications available in your personal device on your personal computer.


In order to use InstaSize PC on ANY COMPUTER (PC, MAC), follow these steps:

  1. Go to your computer’s Web browser and enter the BlueStacks website, or simply click on this link we have prepared for you and you will automatically be taken to the download website -> Download BlueStacks
  2. Once you click on this website the download should start automatically, if it doesn’t please click on the “RESTART THE DOWNLOAD LINK”
  3. After your application is installed, open it & allow your location
  4. Once the app has launched, search for Instasize, download & Enjoy ! For iCloud.

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